Rehabilitate Children With Disability

The cornered people in the society are the persons with disability. Due to the social stigma and discrimination they are hesitant to come into the social front. They feel that they have no voice to say. Education is not felt necessary for them. So they undergo series of miseries throughout their life. Marriage does not happen or is not recommended to them. Mostly they remain single. The features of their living conditions put them in an exploitative situation. The organization has identified 225 children with disabilities of various types for support. We are helping them to obtain identity cards and subsidy schemes from the Government. The following assistances are intended to provided them

  • Ensure good education through supply of school materials.
  • Supply of aids and appliances to improve their mobility.
  • Support for corrective surgery.
  • 47 disabled persons are getting physio-therapy
  • Protect their rights in schools and societies.
DEET seeks individual sponsorship and project supports to take up such initiatives to disabled children.