Community Based Support to the Elderly Persons

The phase of old age is a phase of dependency. It is an attitude that takes one to ask and receive help from others and God. They become fragile. Physical difficulties hinder the maintenance of relations. Economic security restricts the aged to renounce and leaves no room other than painful choices.

Slowly the old accumulate frustration and suffering. Harmony and sense of fullness leaves and trouble and anxiety takes their place. The psychological poverty accompanies them along with physical problem.

Analyzing all their needs based on their problems we have started with care and nutritional assistance. We go around the villages extending personal care and attention. Once a month, we gather the old aged people in a village and give them rice and groceries to support their physical healthy living. Apart from this health camp is being organized generally to check their health condition. We refer the seriously ill people to the Government Hospital for the intensive care. At times of death and frustration we extend them personal assistance.