Care for Orphans and Destitute Children

Childhood should be filled with lot of fun and enjoyment. Life for a child is receiving unconditional love from the parents and the leaders. But today we see children being un-wanted, rejected, prejudiced, hatred, etc. The girl children are the main victims to the present conventional society. The girl children are rapped, abandoned, orphaned, kidnapped, exploited, killed, manipulated etc. The number of children victims is being increased day by day. DEET identifies such children and finds them a secure and safe place in the society.

  • Refers orphan and destitute children to other orphanages run by other NGO, where they are fulfilled their psychological, educational, social and physical needs.
  • Helps children through sponsorship in the community where they live.
DEET wishes to start a home for orphan children in-order to assure them a good future.