Community Health Programme

Health in the entire project area remains significant. The people are unaware of their health conditions. Especially women fail to know the reproductive system and its functions. They are susceptible to water borne disease. Immunization has not become one of the basic necessities for children. The people are not self initiative to look out for immediate health needs with regard to immunization and other necessary treatment for the illnesses.

In this background we conduct regular health camps to the public especially for the women, children and the old aged people.

  • Health professionals and nurse go to the community and give medical consultation to the people.
  • At times of emergency the patients are referred to the Government Hospital for further treatment.
  • HIV positive cases and STD cases ensured regular medicines.
  • Health awareness programmes and campaigns organized.
  • Health education to children is included.
The organization feels that the Health programme needs to be intensified and extended further in the coming months.