Elderly Persons

‘Old age’ is the age that expects a peaceful living before embracing the death. But many of the old men and women in Tamil Nadu are uncared and are treated like ‘waste materials’. These old have spent their money, energy and love for the well-being of children who later throw wounding comments thus pushing the old even to the extent of committing suicide. Being born in a poor family and later spending the whole youth in coolie work in order to look after the children, the old never thought of saving for old age for a peaceful living. As the days go by they realize that they can’t work anymore and expect someone to feed them. This is the case of innumerable old men and women of our society. They spend their nights under the trees or public places. If they fall sick death will be imminent. Torn clothes, uncombed hair and smelling bodies are their possession. Tamil Nadu has a lot of villages and a few towns. Most of the old people from villages are the sufferers. They want to die at the earliest for nobody comes forward to help them in their old age. So their life should be meaningful and cherishable before they reach heavenly abode.

Something should be done to save their souls before they die uncared. They should have good food, nice clothes and home for rest. With this idea in mind DEET has planned to start a project for the aged. Hence I request you to assist in our mission of helping the aged for a peaceful living. Below will find you a few case studies and photographs of old age persons.

Case Study Of Elderly Persons
1. Case History of Dhuraiyammal Download  Download
2. Case History of Kalimuthu Download  Download
3. Case History of Kamu Download  Download
4. Case History of Mayakal Download  Download
5. Case History of Muthupillai Download  Download
6. Case History of Rajammal Download  Download
7. Case History of Veerammal Download  Download
8. Case Study Elderly Women Download  Download